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Brazil is set to regulate Sports Betting and iGaming

By CommerceGate Team

With the proposed legal framework, the government aims to enhance customer experience by ensuring transparency, consumer protection, and supervision.

On December 21, 2023, the Brazilian chamber of deputies approved to bring online sports betting under regulatory oversight in 2024. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ratified the new regulatory framework, signing Bill 3,626/2023 into law on December 30. While brick-and-mortar casinos (including those on cruise ships) remain prohibited in the LATAM nation, online sports betting platforms and casinos will be able to apply for licensing from the federal government of Brazil to operate legally in the nation.

A survey conducted by Esse N Videri Media[1] on regular gamers in Brazil in February 2024 provided insights into market sentiment following this move to create a regulatory framework for online gambling. It revealed that 87% of the respondents believe that licensing, registration, and taxation are important for sports betting and iGaming providers. The respondents stated that this would lead to “wider public benefits,” including government oversight and market integrity. Gamers also believe that regulations will help combat “risky and addictive gambling behavior.”


Here’s a deeper dive into the new regulatory framework and its implications.

What Changes Does the New Law Bring?

With the proposed legal framework for sports betting and iGaming, the government aims to enhance customer experience by ensuring transparency, consumer protection, and supervision. A license, once available, will be a differentiator for operators in the country who want to stand out and commit to consumer safety.

Additionally, the new law would bring good news, not just for online gaming enthusiasts but also in terms of creating jobs throughout the domestic ecosystem.

With this new law, companies can conduct fixed-odd betting operations, after receiving authorization from the Brazilian Ministry of Finance. Foreign operators wanting to operate legally in Brazil will need to establish a Brazilian subsidiary and apply for authorization. The Ministry of Finance is expected to release a regulatory framework, outlining the provisions under the new law, including authorization procedures and minimum eligibility criteria. For businesses already operating in the country, the government has given a minimum of six months to comply with the newly approved regulations, once they will be published.

Proposed Key Highlights of the New Law

  • The Finance Ministry will set up an office responsible for registering and onboarding sports betting and iGaming operators in Brazil, with rigorous KYB and AML requirements, and analysis of business websites and documentation.
  • This office will also be responsible for monitoring betting volumes and revenues of licensed operators to ensure greater oversight.
  • Apart from establishing a subsidiary in Brazil, operators will require at least one Brazilian board member who holds a minimum of 20% of the company’s shares.
  • Five-year licenses will be awarded with a payment of a maximum of R$30 million by the operator for up to 3 brands.
  • Both operators and bettors will be liable to pay taxes. The proposed tax rate for operators is 12% of the “gross gaming revenue”[2], which is the revenue earned from all games played after subtracting any prizes paid to players and taxes levied on legal enterprises. Bettors will be taxed at 15% of their net winnings, which is a significant reduction from the previously proposed 30%[3].
  • All bettors must be over the age of 18. Operators will be required to verify the identities of bettors through facial recognition technology.
  • Online betting platforms will also be subject to PIS, Income Tax, Cofins, ISS, CSLL, and other taxes levied on businesses in Brazil.
  • Operators will need to offer customers “self-exclusion windows” ranging from 24 hours to six weeks.

With the new law, consumer risks will be minimized, especially from the misuse of identities, and the use of synthetic identities to commit credit fraud. There will be alerts related to betting volumes and time limits, as well as debt control, steps essential to prevent gambling addiction. The new regulations are currently expected to come into force during the second half of 2024, giving existing and prospective operators in Brazil ample window to prepare and eventually comply with the new law.

More than 130 businesses[4] have already expressed an interest in applying for a license in Brazil. The future is bright for the Brazilian online gambling market, which is projected to reach a value of US$1.97 billion in 2024[5] and grow at a CAGR of 16.51% to reach US$3.63 billion by 2028.

Participate in the Future of Brazilian Gaming

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