Payment Gateway for e-commerce

We support you with our leading fraud protection system and localized payment solutions offering a variety of settlement currencies. This means that you can focus on scaling your business globally and securely.
Online payments for e-commerce -
Payments for e‑commerce -

PCI DSS Level 1 Security

Since 2009, our payment solutions are compliant to PCI DSS Level 1, the highest security standard for the industry. You can worry less about cyberattacks and hacking, and focus on growing your business globally.
PCI DSS Level 1 Security -
High security compliance standards -
High security compliance standards
Adopt the highest security standard of a Level 1 Service Provider with PCI DSS v.3.2.1 compliance.
Host Validation -
Sensitive information tokenization
Process your customers’ payments without storing sensitive payment information.
Stay compliant with regulators -
Stay compliant with regulators
Let our customizable PCI-Compliant Payment Form take care of your checkout.
Protection from malicious cyberattacks -
Protection from malicious cyberattacks
Leverage on our secure architecture for payment processing.

First-class payment technology architecture with 99,999% availability and super-low latency

Our scalable payment processing technology offers industry-leading capabilities that can be customized for every business model. Leverage on our cloud-based payments server architecture excellence and redundancies to safeguard from failures with 99.999% uptime.
First-class payment technology and architecture -
Flexible endpoint integration -
Flexible endpoint integration and cloud-based platform
Scalable Microservice Architecture -
Scalable Microservice Architecture with real-time monitoring and alerts
High security and compliance -
High in-house reliability and Enterprise platform architecture
Advanced API Support -
All-in-one API reporting

Intuitive API Documentation & Real-time reports on all your payment flows

High-availability and securely hosted API documentation with sandbox for live testing and integration. We provide interactive test-cases and examples, so that you know what to expect before integrating into your codebase. All-in-one dashboard to visualize all your customer transactions in real-time or integrate with our API with custom callbacks.
Intuitive API Documentation -
Fully Interactive API Documentation -
Fully Interactive API Documentation & validate callbacks in real-time
Enhanced developer interface for faster integration and deployment cycles. Easily inspect API requests and responses in real-time for quick testing.
Flexibility and scalability built‑in -
Flexibility and scalability built-in – developed with leading standards
Build the required callback logic without any development overheads. Access everything with one API. Integrate with peace of mind using consistent API architecture and styles.
Credit freedom -
Easily control all payment flows
With an all-in-one dashboard that provides clear overviews in real-time.
Fast processing and clearance -
Fast processing and clearance
And low latency status updates keep you informed at all time.

Subscription Payment Support

Quickly setup a recurring subscription billing process for your business and automate rebills securely for all failed payments. Focus on growing your core business and let us handle your customers' payments and billing.
Subscription Payment Support -
Support recurring payments
Boost your revenue by introducing recurring subscription payment options.
Stay compliant with regulators
Let our customizable PCI-Compliant Payment Form take care of your checkout.
Reduce revenue leakages
Automate payment retries for failed transactions and seal the leakage.
Scale your business globally
Easily accept recurring subscription payments from your customers globally.

Accept the most popular global payment methods with Multi-Currency Support

Start accepting major global and local payment methods that your customers are most familiar with to boost conversion. Support over 100+ currencies online with CommerceGate payment solutions and simplify your customer checkout experience globally.
Accept the most popular payment methods globally -
Accept all payment cards -
Accept all payment cards with tailored and simplified pricing models per country to easily convert
Accept payments in local currencies. Specific solutions for LATAM (Boleto, PIX, TED)
Apple Pay -
Accept digital wallets (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)
Scale your business globally -
Local acquiring solutions and global scalability with 100+ currencies

Solutions built for your industry

Online Retail Merchants and Services

CommerceGate offers all the tools your online business needs to securely process and manage digital payments globally at scale, without complexity. Our two-sided platform allows the seamless connection between merchants, banks and payment solutions.

Online Platforms and Marketplaces

CommerceGate offers leading proprietary and partner payment technologies that are compliant with first-class security standards helping you scale globally with dedicated technical expertise for any business type.

Affiliates and Agencies

CommerceGate offers resellers to take their earnings to the next level with an affiliate program, providing a secure payment system to your clients. We provide leading industry expertise in underwriting compliance and payment risk management, with transparent SLAs and self-service resources through proven and tested controlled processes.

Payment Service Providers

CommerceGate offers PSPs a secure and regulated payment solution, featuring quick merchant onboarding, risk and compliance management, and cost optimizations

Banking Institutions

CommerceGate offers banking institutions insights on the risk profiles of clients from different verticals along with risk and compliance management services.