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Thousands of merchants have boosted their sales with our payment solutions since 2006. Today, we have scaled successfully to cater to every business with the foundations of ethical business practices and leading technology.

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    Licensed by Banco de Espana

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Our Story

Founded in 2006


CommerceGate was founded in Barcelona, Spain, by forming key relationships with financial and risk management institutions to develop technological and operational capabilities on our platform.

In 2007

The largest high-risk payment processor in Spain

CommerceGate quickly scaled to be the largest high-risk payment processor in Spain and expanded throughout Europe offering superior throughput and highly secured payment solutions for our clients.

In 2009

Relaunch of cgbilling.com

CommerceGate established an Industry benchmark for quality service for end-user billing support with the relaunch of cgbilling.com.

The Strategic Alliance of the Year Award

CommerceGate was awarded the Strategic Alliance of the Year Award for outstanding performance and reliability in our payment solutions.

In 2010

CommerceGate expanded our team

CommerceGate expanded our team to meet growing demand for our payment solutions and to offer highly dedicated support for our clients.

In 2011

The Billing Company of the Year

CommerceGate was awarded the Billing Company of the Year (Merchant Services) for our longstanding dedication to providing leading payment technology and support access for our clients.

In 2012

The European Billing Company of the Year Award

CommerceGate was nominated for the European Billing Company of the Year Award for outstanding performance and reliability of our billing solutions for our clients in Europe.

CommerceGate relaunches our flagship website

CommerceGate relaunches our flagship website and brand image to emphasize on our growing success, industry expertise and outstanding dedication to our clients globally.

In 2013

The European Billing Company of the Year Award

CommerceGate was crowned the title European Billing Company of the Year Award for outstanding performance and reliability of our billing solutions for our clients in Europe.

In 2014

The European Payment Processor of the Year Award

CommerceGate was crowned the European Payment Processor of the Year Award for our leading and highly scalable payment processing solutions for our clients in Europe.

The lead in innovation and development

CommerceGate takes the lead in innovation and development under a new management with the commitment to developing and adopting the latest payment technologies available for our clients.

In 2015

CommerceGate expanded our team

CommerceGate expanded our team to boost our core competencies and expertise in key operational areas while continuing to grow our client base and support throughout Europe.

A brand new processing platform and back office systems

CommerceGate begins development of a brand new processing platform and back office systems to provide our clients with a highly secure and leading payment processing solution in the industry.

Data-driven business intelligence technology

CommerceGate continues to evolve and cater to the changing landscape of the industry through streamlining business processes, leveraging on agile and data-driven business intelligence technology.

In 2016

The leading back office system and merchant user interface

CommerceGate launches the leading back office system and merchant user interface making payment processing management easier and convenient, while increasing the capabilities for our clients.

An upgraded website and corporate profile

CommerceGate introduces an upgraded website and corporate profile to reflect the dedication and commitment to constant innovation, marking the transition to a lean, agile, and data-driven payment processor.

In 2017

Billing 2.0

CommerceGate launches Billing 2.0, the leading all-in-one invoice, settlement and billing system that provides the latest technology and functionalities with accurate transactional data for our clients.

In 2018


CommerceGate launches CGPayTech, a cutting-edge payment platform with higher processing capacities, improved security encryption protocols and a variety of additional payment methods.

In 2019

20TH acquiring partner integration

CommerceGate introduces our 20th acquiring partner integration to our platform, providing our merchants higher transactional volumes, better conversion, risk management and payment processing quality.

In 2020

A financial institution license

CommerceGate was the first non-banking group in Spain specialising in online cross-border payments to be granted by the Central Bank of Spain a financial institution license.

In 2021

CommerceGate opens the LATAM market

CommerceGate opens the LATAM market through local acquiring and payment solutions for EU merchants with Brazil being the first country and Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru coming next.

In 2022

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