SaaS Billing Platform

CommerceGate offers an end-to-end automated billing solution from calculating charges to sending scheduled invoices that helps you to streamline your operations.

SaaS Billing Platform -
SaaS Billing Platform -

Automate all billing types

CommerceGate offers you an automated billing system for creating and issuing invoices and settlements, helping you to streamline your workflow and remain operational efficient, so you can focus on scaling your business.

  • Multiple billing and pricing models -

    Multiple billing and pricing models

    Multiple line of invoicing for merchants with different criterias

  • Supports all popular fee structures -

    Supports all popular fee structures

    Get the lowest pricing for IC++, flat and tier rate based, geo and card based billing models.

  • Real-time tier-based pricing -

    Real-time tier-based pricing

    All transactions matter. Our tier‑based pricing system ensures you never pay more than the original agreed amount. We guarantee it.

  • Customizable billing options -

    Customizable billing options

    Supports variable billing periods, settlement cycles, schedules and currencies.

Automate tier-based pricing and break-even controls - Automate tier-based pricing and break-even controls -

Automate tier-based pricing and break-even controls

CommerceGate offers you the best discounted rates with each higher tier of total transaction volume applied automatically.

  • Automatic discount calculation -

    Automatic discount calculation

  • Optimized to lower prices -

    Optimized to lower prices

  • Unlimited quantity of tiers -

    Unlimited quantity of tiers

  • No negotiation required -

    No negotiation required

All financial collaterals

CommerceGate supports all financial collateral types of your chosen billing system to automatically reduce transaction losses arising from payment reversals due to customer refunds and chargebacks.

All financial collaterals - All financial collaterals -
  • Flexible release schedule -

    Rolling reserves managed by CommerceGate

    We manage reserves for you so that a reserve percentage of each transaction received is released periodically and automatically.

  • Security deposit management -

    Flexible release schedule

    A white glove service that offers fully flexible risk collateral release dates

  • Upfront reserve management -

    Security deposit management

    Stress-free security deposit management that enables you to hold the agreed minimum amount in your reserve balance to enhance cash flow security.

  • Rolling reserves managed by CommerceGate -

    Upfront reserve management

    Before processing your payments, easily top up your reserve balance via wire transfer.

Flexible settlement for merchants - Flexible settlement for merchants -

Flexible settlement for merchants

CommerceGate offers support for all variable billing periods, invoicing lines, settlement cycles, schedules and currencies.

  • Multiple billing and pricing models

    for multiple lines of invoicing for merchants with different criterias based on MID, payment methods and pricing.

  • Full and separate payment reports

    and settlement instructions for your treasury and financial departments, and for your merchants.

  • Control regular payouts with a SEPA batch file

    automatically generated by the system from your approved invoices and settlement notes.

  • Automatic settlement for each merchant,

    supporting multiple currencies and different bank accounts.

Real-time Gross Margin Tracking

CommerceGate Billing System automates the breakdown of your gross margin in real-time, down to the transactional level, allowing you to compile customized reports for any time period and optimize your business operations.

Real-time Gross Margin Tracking - Real-time Gross Margin Tracking -
  • View transactional level gross margins -

    View transactional level gross margins

    Take advantage of real-time calculation of profits from each transaction.

  • Customize your financial reports -

    Customize your financial reports

    Adjust to any time period by billing period, business verticals, MID and MCC.

  • Supports referral models -

    Supports referral models

    Automate your calculation of referral payouts and your GM profit.

  • Stay ahead of regulators -

    Real-time data on business insights

    Receive full breakdowns of sales, gross margins, COGS and referral fees.

Reconciliation on both sides - Reconciliation on both sides -

Reconciliation on both sides

CommerceGate offers automated reconciliation on receivables and payables based on your data entires, reconciliation and approvals.

  • Automated billing reports -

    Automated billing reports

  • Risk collateral transparency -

    Risk collateral transparency

  • Set acceptable discrepancy levels -

    Set acceptable discrepancy levels

  • Transaction discrepancy reports -

    Transaction discrepancy reports

Fund Segregation Management

CommerceGate helps you to segregate payment accounts used based on the latest regulatory criteria to ensure adequate administration oversight of segregated assets.

Fund Segregation Management - Fund Segregation Management -
  • Meet segregation requirements -

    Meet segregation requirements

    Hold relevant funds and assets based on segregation requirements.

  • Full fund controls -

    Full fund controls

    Ensure your funds and assets are protected from third-party interest and rights.

  • Full audit support -

    Full audit support

    Ensure that transaction amounts are accurate and there are no discrepancies.

  • High security and compliance -

    High safeguarding procedures

    Ensure that your records are compliant with all safeguarding obligations.

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