Discover new revenue channels
from different verticals

CommerceGates offer to banking institutions insights on the risk profiles of clients from different verticals along with risk and compliance management services.

Discover new revenue channels -
Discover new revenue channels -

Extend your current offerings with our infrastructure

CommerceGate offers an all-in-one payment solution from fund management, forex, crediting, investment, custodian, and banking services.

  • Connect with new customers -

    Connect with new customers

  • Overview of your customer -

    Overview of your customer

  • Capitalize on opportunities -

    Capitalize on opportunities

  • Collaborate successfully -

    Collaborate successfully

Automated risk assessment

CommerceGate is an EU licensed intermediary that handles operations, risk and compliance management and manages credit and reputational risks with our proven track record of financial controls and operational excellence.

Automated risk assessment - Automated risk assessment -
  • Remove compliance risk completely -

    Remove compliance risk completely

    Stay ahead of regulators with automated and monitoring of regulatory changes.

  • Highly regulated operational controls -

    Highly regulated operational controls

    Merchant funds by acquiring services are processed by EU regulated partners.

  • Mitigate reputational risk -

    Mitigate reputational risk

    Sophisticated controls on merchants guarantee acceptance policy conformity.

  • Credit freedom -

    Credit freedom

    Access greater credit freedom with your clients from a reliable payment facilitator.

Leverage enterprise-level expertise and network -

Leverage enterprise-level expertise and network

CommerceGate offers a two-sided partnership network to share aggregated industry expertise and developments to help you stay ahead.

  • Proven Compliance Team -

    Proven Compliance Team

  • Dedicated Risk Department -

    Dedicated Risk Department

  • Leading Risk Management -

    Leading Risk Management

  • 15 Years of Global Operations -

    15 Years of Global Operations

Payments for e‑commerce

CommerceGate offers leading proprietary payment technologies and dedicated technical expertise for any business type.

Payments for e-commerce - Payments for e‑commerce -
  • Leading global payment technology -

    Leading global payment technology

    Built on highly available and scalable microservice architecture

  • Secured 2FA User Authentication -

    Secured 2FA User Authentication

    High-level user authentication service for you and your business.

  • 20+ Active Upstream Providers -

    20+ Active Upstream Providers

    Leverage leading integration proxy partners for any business types.

  • Supports all popular payment types -

    Supports all popular payment types

    Supports real-time payments, merchant withdrawals, data tokenization and APMs.

SaaS Billing Platform -

SaaS Billing Platform

CommerceGate offers our clients an automated and transparent billing system to save time on high-volume transaction reconciliation.

  • Finance Reconciliation SaaS -

    Finance Reconciliation SaaS

  • Access transaction data -

    Access transaction data

  • Discount model support -

    Discount model support

  • Dedicated and full support -

    Dedicated and full support

License and Compliance

CommerceGate has offered 15 years of highly collaborative and trusted partnership to our clients with KPMG audited accounts and strict financial controls of your funds with the largest Tier 1 banking groups, licensed under Banco de Espana.

Licenses and Certificates -
  • Banco de Espana -

    Licensed by Banco de Espana

    We are officially licensed by Banco de Espana, with verifiable records held at their official register.

  • EU -

    EU Regulated Financial Institution

    Certified and compliant with EU regulators and applicable laws.

  • KPMG -

    Appointed KPMG Auditor

    Audited with the highest standards to provide our clients a  eace of mind.

  • PCI -

    Secure Level 1 PCI Compliance

    Highest enterprise security level for customer data and card information.

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