Corporate Governance
& Compliance

CommerceGate is fully supervised by the Bank of Spain (Banco de España) as a financial institution. CommerceGate complies with all European Union regulations and any additional requirements applicable for the provided payment and financial services.

Customer Service

(i) Customer Service

COMMERCEGATE PAYMENT SOLUTIONS, S.L. (“CommerceGate”, or the “Company”) has a specialized and autonomous customer support service (“Customer Support Service“, or “CSS“), in accordance with the obligations set out in Order ECO/734/2004, of 11 March, on Customer Service Departments and Services and the Customer Ombudsman of Financial Institutions, which purpose is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients in their relations with the Company and resolve both the complaints and claims made by the latter. Complaints and/or claims may be submitted directly or by means of representation, by all natural or legal persons, Spanish or foreign, that meets the condition of customer of CommerceGate, by e-mail or by post considering the contact details below:

Owner: Mr. Andrii Rud.
C/Moll de Barcelona, “World Trade Center”, North Building, 4th Floor, (08039), Barcelona, Spain

Both complaints and claims submitted, will be addressed and resolved within a maximum period of fifteen (15) working days from their reception by the CSS. Exceptionally, if for reasons beyond Commercegate’s control it is not possible to provide a response within the aforementioned period, the Company shall send the customer a provisional response, indicating the reasons for the delay in responding to the complaint or claim and specifying the response period which in no case shall exceed one month.

The information that must be included in the complaint or claim submitted to the CCS is the following:

(a) Name and surname(s) (or company name) and address of the client and, if applicable, of the person representing him/her, and the accreditation of said representation; and the D.N.I., passport or N.I.E. or data from the corresponding public register;

(b) Reason for the complaint or claim, clearly specifying the issues on which a ruling is requested;

(c) Office, department or service where the facts which are the subject of the complaint or claim have occurred;

(d) That the client is not aware that the matter which is the object of the complaint or claim is being dealt with through an administrative, arbitration or judicial procedure; and

(e) Place, date and signature.

The procedure for the resolution of complaints and claims is described in the Customer Protection Regulations of the Company, available on Company’s website ( and in the Bank of Spain’s website (

(ii) Complaints and claims before the Institutions’ Conduct Department of the Bank of Spain

The customer is entitled to submit complaints and/or claims to the Institutions’ Conduct Department of the Bank of Spain (i) in case of disagreement with the decision of the Customer Support Service -without any time restriction- or (ii) in case of lack of resolution by the Customer Support Service – after proving that the period of fifteen working days (or one month in exceptional circumstances) has passed since the presentation of the complaint and/or claim.

The procedure for submitting complaints and/or claims to the Institutions’ Conduct Department of the Bank of Spain is available to customers in the Bank of Spain’s website: