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Mastercard. New Business Service Arrangement (BSA)

By CommerceGate, Press Team

January 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union.

As a consequence, Mastercard is announcing a new Business Service Arrangement (BSA) which will impact on interchange fees for UK-EEA consumer card-not-present transactions.
These transactions between the UK and EEA countries are currently charged

  • 0.20% for debit cards
  • 0.30% for credit cards.

Under the new BSA, interregional rates will be applied:

  • 1.15% for debit cards
  • 1.50% for credit cards.

The deadline of the new BSA application set on the 15th of October 2021 and will not affect the current Mastercard scheme fee structure.
As for CommerceGate customers, IC++ merchants will see the update as part of their reported scheme fees automatically. Merchants on a Blended price model will be informed in case of impacts require pricing changes.

Note: no information on similar changes for Visa currently exist.

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