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CommerceGate launches cutting-edge payment platform CGPayTech

By CommerceGate, Press Team

Dear Partners,

CommerceGate prepares for the migration of our Partners to its newest payment platform CGPayTech.

CommerceGate prepares for the migration of our Partners to its newest payment platform CGPayTech. The platform was engineered to have a higher processing power than the current one, while significantly improve the security, propose a variety of additional payment methods andincrease the quality of payment services.

Using the most innovative cloud-based technologies, CGPayTech is easy to customize, adjust and support. This means that boost overall performance as well will increase and the quality of our assistance, streamlining the internal and external processes will give you more time to stay on the pulse of your business.

Prior to public launch, the new engine has already undergone a comprehensive internal test program, and since the end of 2017 is stably processing payment transactions, for our visionary customers.

As a result, CGPayTech has proven to be significantly more powerful than its predecessor. Updates in the platform’s architecture allow the further growth of its abilities by connecting additional services such as Alternative Payment Methods, sophisticated Anti-Fraud tools and checkout components which overall result in more opportunities for higher transaction volumes, better conversion, strictly controlled risk management and the improved quality of payment processing.

As said by our Head of IT, Andrew Rud: “In preparing the migration process, our main focus is to make it the most streamlined and transparent for our Partners, minimize as much as possible the need of their technical involvement and use this opportunity to clean up all legacy components to take our Partner’s interaction with our new platform to the next level of stability and allow to use its powerful potential on maximum.”

CommerceGate intends to migrate all Partners to the new payment platform over the course of 2018. To make sure that during this process we will have the most relevant and agile connection with your Team, please email us back with contact details of the responsible project manager in your Team.

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