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Boosting your profits with local payment solutions
In the dynamic world of iGaming and Sports Betting, CommerceGate is at the forefront of advancing payment processing in Brazil and LATAM. We provide proprietary payment solutions which are adapted to the local LATAM market - streamlining and simplifying the consumer experience and increasing authorization rates.
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Why iGaming and Sports Betting operators prefer CommerceGate

We specialize in providing local, robust and secure payment solutions that cater specifically to the iGaming and Sports Betting sector in Brazil and LATAM. Our services are designed to streamline consumer experience on your site and increase your authorization rates – ensuring speed, security and transparency.

Security and trust: our core principles

Registered, regulated and licensed by the Bank of Spain and fully authorized in Brazil

Audited by KPMG (as a member of the Big Four), ensuring quality and reliability

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, assuring high-security standards

Decades of secure payment service experience for iGaming and Sports Betting operators with advanced, AI-enabled fraud-prevention

Tailor-made solutions and an unmatched customer success team

Direct access to favored local payment methods like PIX, Boleto, and various local cards (ELO, Aura, Hipercard, etc.)

Static PIX QR-codes for repeatable 1-click payments — hassle free user experience

Custom payment solutions specifically for iGaming and Sports Betting operators in Brazil

A dedicated Customer Success Team to elevate your iGaming and Sports Betting payment strategy

Fully authorized operations to avoid common issues like account blocks

Immediate access to the deposited funds in BRL (no FX applied, instant cashflow)

Expertise in Brazil and LATAM’s payment landscape – with a dedicated team and office in Brazil

Complete insight into local regulations and specifications

Unmatched transparency in iGaming and Sports Betting payments

Instant access to funds, crucial for agile iGaming and Sports Betting operations

Swift, transparent fund transfers with competitive exchange rates
In-depth transaction reports for complete financial oversight

Localized expertise, global reach

Specialized in PIX and other regional payment methods essential for iGaming and Sports Betting platforms

Expert knowledge of Brazil and LATAM’s payment systems – with a local team in Brazil

Profound insight into local regulations, complemented by an exceptional customer success team

Extensive understanding of Brazil and LATAM’s iGaming and Sports Betting payment landscape

Leading payment platform for iGaming & Sports Betting – 100% built by CommerceGate

Cloud-based technology ensuring 99.999% platform stability, key for continuous gaming and betting operations

Latest CI/CD and SDLC practices with a modern tech stack, catering to iGaming and Sports betting demands

Robust disaster recovery systems for uninterrupted gaming and betting experiences

Multiple providers per payment method optimize stability and Approval Ratios

Customer-driven product development, tailored to iGaming and Sports Betting requirements

Connect your business to CommerceGate easily – via API, using our payment form, or via partners

Built & owned by CommerceGate
Platform Reliability
Local Payment Methods Coverage

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Plug into PIX — the most popular payment method in Brazil: You, winning the game

Get access to the biggest customer base in LATAM and leverage the power of real-time financial transactions in Brazil with CommerceGate's native PIX Payment solution — top security, scalability and transparency.
Real-time transaction processing
Average transaction time of only 3.7s
PIX fraud prevention
Advanced PIX fraud prevention with a unique QR-code created for each individual user tax-ID, enhancing iGaming and Sports Betting security
No FX applied & Transparent Pricing
Instant access to funds in BRL – no FX applied. Fully transparent pricing tiers with no hidden fees, ideal for iGaming and Sports Betting
Decades of experience paired with Al
Decades of experience in payments fraud prevention, armed with best-in-class tools, powered by AI.

CommerceGate: your winning advantage in the game

Choose CommerceGate for personalized services, dedicated support, and innovative payment solutions. We're committed to elevating your iGaming and Sports Betting business, optimizing transaction costs, and enhancing player live time value.