Risk Management

Our risk management system is the most advanced, customizable and effective in the business.
We combine advanced technology and experienced human control to minimise fraudulent transactions
while keeping decline rates low and your valued customers satisfied.


Intelligent Risk


Proactive Transaction Monitoring
and Fraud Management



The Right Risk Management for you

With state of the art fraud scrubbing and real-time monitoring by our risk team, your transactions and sensitive data are kept 100% safe.

3D Secure
Customer driven
platform development
Smart Device

Integrate these functions into your security portfolio for unparalleled safety while keeping your processing fast and end user satisfaction high

Benefits of CommerceGate Risk Management

Always up-to-date

Risk is a reactive science. CommerceGate operates at the cutting edge of technology and knowledge.


Adjustable Transaction Filters

Adjust your filters to fit the risk. We give you the tools for optimal management of risk to suit your business. Crack down hard on where risk is high while maximising throughput from your genuine customers and target markets.

Great Conversion rates

With laser focused security and risk management, we keep fraudsters away while letting good custom through. Our conversation rates show that you can crush risk and maximise conversions at the same time.

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Multiple card validation

3D Secure Validation

Allow your customers to use Verified by and MasterCard SecureCode to increase their sense of security and build trust in your brand and your dedication to their security and peace of mind

Credit Card Number Verification

We use advanced and lightning fast algorithms to ensure all credit card numbers are valid, active and cleared for use in online purchases.

Credit Card Data Verification

We check expiration date, card holder name issuing banks to ensure that the card used is genuine and valid at the time of purchase.

Low Charge-back ratios

~0.7 %

Our teams work to achieve the lowest charge-back ratios.

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