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SaaS for Financial reconciliation.

CommerceGate SAAS Reconciliation Platform

Barcelona, Spain – After the launch of our highly anticipated Billing 2.0 platform, we have shifted our development efforts to what we believe to be a missing tool in the current payment landscape; Financial reconciliation!

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • Settlements and/or invoices that seem lacking or incomplete
  • Adjustments to settlements that effectively lower your profit
  • Finance dept spending precious hours reconciling between a variety of acquirers
  • Hours wasted locating discrepancies in enormous financial reports during audit’s

CommerceGate has you covered with the upcoming launch of our powerful SaaS for Financial Reconciliation! Our software automates steps in the account reconciliation process. It takes in data from all sources of financial information such as:

  • Payments Gateways
  • ERP systems
  • Bank files or statements
  • Credit card processors
  • Acquiring Banks and merchant services

The product then automates processes by examining, comparing and validating transaction-level account data. This allows accountants to view the exact payment transactions that do not match between the Acquirer and Merchants expectations, significantly reducing the time spent locating discrepancies. This is particularly useful for high-volume reconciliations, such as credit card transactions.

Interested in knowing more? Email and speak with a member of our Sales team.

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