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Powerful new backoffice – Same personalised service

Barcelona, Spain – In this day and age, its said that data is paramount. However, understanding and utilizing this information in a way that benefits your company isn’t always an easy task. At times you’re either given too little and other times too much. Implementing numerous tools to achieve certain data related goals can be both tiresome, ineffective and costly.

Considering this, CommerceGate set out to make our clients lives much easier with respect to how they obtain, read and utilize the data we supply. Whether it be transactional stats, chargeback management or even website and offer creation, our clients will waste less time understanding the data and more time putting it to use.

Stay on the pulse of your business with an intuitive dashboard that provides real-time transactional information and monitoring, reports and statements that generate in seconds and user access management; Analysing and predicting future trends based on your performance indicators will no longer feel tedious and cumbersome.

For all of the above reasons, we are very proud to introduce our new and improved CG Merchant BackOffice!

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