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Cyber Security; Why and how CG is an ambassador in this field

With 2016 coming to a close, the ever evolving landscape of cyber security is changing and changing quick. The time to educate ourselves and act on cyber threats was yesterday, so to speak.

As a company entrenched in cyber threats on a day to day basis, the team at CommerceGate prides itself on being at the forefront of fighting these attacks, all while providing a service that is still simple and easy to use. Hackers become more sophisticated as each day passes and staying ahead of these individuals is a constant battle. A battle that can make or break a business if done without the proper knowledge, resources and determination.

The employees and individuals specialising in this field often get overlooked when it comes to payment processing. However, their knowledge and passion for fighting these threats is an integral part of the success of processors all around the globe. What sets payment processors apart are the steps taken to stay ahead of the curve.

Whether it be applying new cutting edge technology, attending seminars, participating in work groups or simply learning from the best, CommerceGate’s focus in 2016 was to be leader in this domain and our efforts paid off.

Impressed by our mitigation techniques, scoring matrixes, social engineering threat and incident response policies, CommerceGate was recently invited to the Mock Retail Cyber Hack 2016 in The Hague, Netherlands.

This invite only event was held at Europol’s headquarters and was attended by IT security professionals, high ranking members of MasterCard, Europol and various law enforcement agencies. Throughout the event, our methods, technology and knowledge was challenged by Law Enforcement, Media, Banking, Europol and MasterCard representatives to ensure the most effective and up to date practices/technology were implemented in our day to day interactions with sensitive payment card data.

However, more importantly this event allowed us to create a network of trusted contacts which will facilitate better information exchange regarding rising cyber threats and further, share ideas to reinforce cyber security and eliminate these threats in their earliest stages.

We’re proud of this accomplishment and believe it will lead to a stronger and safer experience for all those involved in the online payment processing ecosystem.

2017 is upon us and the rise in cyber threats will only grow and become more sophisticated. CommerceGate will remain an ambassador in the fight to keep you and your business safe from these threats all while offering the same service you’ve come to love!

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