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CommerceGate to attend SEO conference in Kazan

In a few days starts SEO conference 2016 in Kazan!

VII Annual International SEO Conference will take place in the most advanced hi-tech city in Russia, its IT capital — Innopolis.

“SEO Conference expecting participants and exhibitors from three continents, near the 1.000 online viewers attendees and 10.000 make this event one of the biggest IT Conferences in a Russian-speaking world. High-profile speakers from the most major companies like a Google, Mail.Ru, Yandex, Vkontakte, etc. create the primary value of the conference is that it brings together knowledge, technologies, expertise and people from different spheres of IT. The extensive networking helps strengthen existing relationships and open the doors to new opportunities for doing business, collaborating or improving current operations.” Said CEO Evgen Sopin.

If you would like to meet a member of the Sales team at the upcoming conference, please email to setup a time and date.

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