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Billing 2.0 – the best on the market

Billing 2.0 - the best on the market

Barcelona, Spain – With 2017 heading into its final quarter, CommerceGate is looking to close out the year on a strong note with a number of new and exciting updates to our platform.

The recent launch of our innovative and vastly improved Merchant Back office was one of the first steps in a series of improvements our clients will see now and in the near future.

Billing 2.0 – Today we are proud to announce the launch of our robust Invoice and Settlement system! Our focus on providing our clients with state of the art technology and functionality that is best on the market, led us to develop a system that offers the most accurate and transparent transactional data; all while giving them more flexibility and freedom with their money. We believe the following are some of the key features our merchants will come to love:

  • Clear and precise transactional data: Understand your costs vs profit with simple yet comprehensive Invoices and Statements.
  • Flexible settlement cycle: Settlement delays can harm the cash flow of many companies. A key strength of our new invoicing platform is how quickly your transactions are cleared in our system; Allowing us the ability to work with our merchants to find settlement delays that fit their business needs.
  • Transparency: Generate detailed invoices at your convenience. Getting updates from your Finance department will not only be quick but also give your company insight into data such as Rolling Reserve amounts, their release dates more.
  • Enhanced Tiered Pricing module: With flexible tiering cycles and a variety of other parameters we can offer, achieving better pricing due to your businesses performance, can be based on numerous factors other than strictly volume now.

Want more information about how these new tools can help you better understand your business? Please feel free to contact our sales team and we’ll gladly explain just how your business will benefit:

Stay tuned for more exciting features and tools being launched in the coming months! 2017 will be an exciting year for CommerceGate and our clients!

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